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About us

Open Door Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people regain their lives through supportive services and emergency assistance. Our programs and services are solution-oriented and ministry minded, including the operation of a homeless shelter, serving daily meals, distributing non-perishable and fresh food, obtaining permanent housing, and acquiring and maintaining permanent jobs.

Open Door Ministries was established in 1995 as a merger of Urban Ministries and the Open Door Shelter.

Urban Ministries began in 1969 and provided food, clothing, and assisted with financial needs.

The Open Door Shelter began in 1987 and provided a homeless shelter for men, women, and children.

2022 Board of Directors

Joe Blankinship
Zeledith Blakely
Pat Bowling
Nancy Bowman
Sam Carr
Wanda Dellinger
Tom Eller


Brian Evans
Lore Fariss
Daniel Hall
Avys Massey
Mark Nelson, Chair
Ivey Orr

Don Shaw

Angeline Sumpter
Jody Susong
Terry Venable

Desiree Watkins
Daniel Webb
George White
Abby Williams

2022 Advisory Board

Andy Bills

Joe Blankinship

Joe Blosser

Mary Bogest

Ray Bretzmann

Barbara Coughlin, Chair

Frosty Culp

Louise Foster

Sandra Funk

Jeff Horney

Nancy Laney

David Miller


Vicki Miller

Mark Norcross

Matt Nowell

Mike Smith

David Thompson

Jim White

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