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Peters Quarters Party on Main
In support of Open Door Ministries

We want to welcome you to the "hottest" block party of the year! Below you will find information about the event! We can't wait to see you! 

Special Event message!

Event Details

What: Peters Quarters Party on Main Benefiting Open Door

When: Saturday, Sept. 9, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Where: Peters Quarters (645 N. Main St., corner of Westwood and Main.)
Who: Peters Quarters and Open Door Ministries
Why: To support ODM’s day-to-day operating costs

The fun of a block party; 
the support of the community!

Food, Games, Live Music, 

Live VIP Disc Jockey, 

VIP Catered Spaces,

Fundraisers and Auctions,      

Over 20 Local Vendors, 

Face Painting, Bounce Houses

Special Guests, and More! 

All in support of: 


PLUS multiple ways to donate to Open Door Ministries! Our staff will be on hand to accept donations including:

Canned Foods, Non-Perishable Food, Toiletries, Household Supplies, Monetary Donations, Clothing, and more! 

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For additional information about this event, please contact the following people:

Vendors and VIP guests seeking information or assistance, please email:
Kody Shaw at


Peters Quarters or the Lenny Peters Foundation:

John Joyce, LPF Global Director, at 


Open Door Ministries:
Ivan Huffman, Director of Advancement, at 


How is Open Door Involved?

Open Door was approached by Peters Quarters, a program fully funded by the Lenny Peters Foundation, with the offer to support fundraising benefiting ODM. Dr. Lenny Peters continues to emphasize programming that has a tangible impact on the community which has supported him since his arrival here in High Point in 1987. Open Door’s commitment to combating homelessness is at the forefront of one of High Point’s most critical needs. Therefore, Dr. Peters and ODM Executive Director Ryan Ross agreed a fundraiser event was the best idea. 


Who thought of this event and how often will it occur if ever again? 

Dr. Lenny Peters, founder and CEO of Bethany Medical and the Lenny Peters Foundation, initiated the conversation around benefiting ODM through public engagement. With that call to action, both Dr. Peters Communications Team and ODM, namely Director of Advancement Ivan Huffman, partnered together to create from the ground up what we each hope will be the first of many events in a longstanding partnership benefiting ODM and its mission. 



How many people are expected to attend?
With more than 40 vendors, a dozen or more food trucks, a live band and numerous family-entertainment options planned throughout the afternoon and evening, there is no reason not to expect hundreds of community members to come out. The additional VIP area – complete with donated items for auction or raffle, along with more selective, upscale entertainment and food/beverage options – ensures those who can afford to contribute the most will be inclined to do so. Those who miss this event will surely regret not having been in attendance. Special invitees will be ushered up to Dr. Peters’ personal rooftop event space atop Bethany Medical headquarters for a VIP afterparty, where donations will still be welcomed. 


How much money is targeted to be raised?
Vendor fees and other funds contributed by participating entities will surely reach into the thousands. Numerous well-placed signage will encourage those in attendance to donate through our on-line systems which will go directly to ODM’s account set up strictly to receive donations from this event. The VIP area will have a series of options, including the aforementioned auction/raffle opportunities, which will generate tens of thousands of dollars. Lastly, Dr. Lenny Peters has personally assured that the total amount raised by this event will be matched in-kind by the Lenny Peters Foundation. 



How visible will ODM be?
Open Door will be strategically placed at the center of the event. Along with any signage and other existing promotional and marketing material ODM will bring,displaying ODM content and messaging, visible for all to see. A widespread social media campaign is planned ahead of the event and support is expected from Visit High Point, Business High Point and Forward High Point. All of Peters Quarters’ (Dr. Lenny Peters) vast strategic resources are behind this event. A question you should be asking is, what can you do to ensure this event (and ODM) are well supported, highly visible and top of mind for all of High Point!

Sponsors and Partners
Thank you to all sponsors and supporters of this event!

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