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Getting a Second Chance, Doors Opening

After spending nearly half of his life in and out of the prison system, Mr. Davis knew he needed to change. He was tired of chasing the same “high” and not living his life to his fullest. He struggled with a serious addiction to illegal drugs which led to his criminal behavior. Family and friends drifted away, and he knew he would be alone and on the streets due to his addiction. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, he knew his only option was to turn to Open Door Ministries and start his road to recovery.

Since being at Open Door Ministries Mr. Davis has been able to stay clean for over 6 months and has involved himself with positive role models in the community. He has been able to get involved with the GCSTOP, Guilford County Solution to the Opioid Problem, team and has discovered a new love for recovery and helping others. He plans to attend GTCC in the fall to earn a degree in Human Services which leads to a certification as an addiction counselor.

In addition to being a recovery role model around the shelter, Mr. Davis has also become a health and fitness role model for many other residents of the shelter who have a desire to get back into shape! He has always had a love for the fitness industry and was previously a certified personal trainer, but like many in the homeless community, drugs and alcohol take over their lives. In addition to going back to school, he hopes to be able to also go back to work as a licensed personal trainer. Nothing makes him more happy than others, feeling and looking their best!

Mr. Davis has strived at Open Door Ministries. He has been able to build a relationship with his friends and family again, something he lost when he was actively using drugs. He looks forward to what his future has in store and thanks the staff of Open Door Ministries for all their hard work to get him back on his feet!

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