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The Definition of Success!

Everyone has a different definition of this word but here is the dictionary definition.

Merriam-Webster: "a favorable or desired outcome"

Here at Open Door Ministries, we measure success on the smile on someone's face. Every person is different but every person deserves to be happy and enjoy their own successful life. Each person that walks through our door is welcomed with open arms and cared for in the way they need to be.

A great example of this success on someone's face is the heart-warming smile that is present on Mr. Mars' face as he shows off his apartment, supported through ODM's Permanent Supportive Housing program.

For more information about our Permanent Supportive Housing program please visit

Please enjoy the photos of Mr. Mars as he shows off his definition of success!

Photos used with permission of resident and under the guidelines of Open Door Ministries. All photos are property of Open Door Ministries of High Point INC.

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