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Men's Shelter


The Men’s Shelter program is designed to house adult men on a temporary basis. The shelter offers 47 beds for homeless, adult males.

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In addition to providing a safe, warm place to sleep:

The Shelter also helps clients attain proper identification, such as picture ID’s and social security cards, so that the men can begin to rebuild their lives.


Bus tickets are also provided so the men can take care of medical problems and look for work.


Case management identifies the individual needs of each client such as finding a job, addressing mental health and medical conditions, and locating housing.



☐ Towels, & washcloths
☐ Laundry detergent (pods/travel size)
☐ Wave brushes
☐ Men's shorts, underwear, t-shirts (Sizes L-3XL)
☐ Men's sneakers (Sizes 10 & up)
☐ Shampoo
☐ Disposable razors
☐ Men’s shower shoes
☐ Backpacks/drawstring bags
☐ Work shirts and pants, steel toe boots, work gloves




Men's Shelter

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