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We CAN Solve World Hunger— We Just Need to Change Our Approach

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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World hunger has been a global crisis for several decades. However, more

organizations are sounding the alarm. According to the FAO, the COVID-19

pandemic has imparted heavy effects on global food security. At this rate,

This is double the current population of the United States. With these numbers,

we will be unable to solve world hunger by 2030, unless we come up with

immediate, updated, and radical solutions.

Why isn’t hunger being eradicated?

We cannot ignore the relationship between hunger and poverty. However,

poverty is not an individual problem, but systemic. Estimates show that we are

actually capable of supplying 9 billion metric tons of food a year. This is 2.4 times

as much as we’d need to feed every person on the planet.

Unfortunately, without proper investment in our agricultural industry, farmers are

left with a lack of mechanization, lack of seeds and crop choices, and lack of

irrigation. This leads to 50-80% wasted potential from ill-used land. Without

resolving this, focusing on individual eating habits cannot make a lasting impact.

What can be done?

Instead of investing in agriculture, where is our budget being spent instead?

Politics, war, and commerce all play major parts in development and trade. This

makes it all the more important for us to work collectively.

Change the approach through info dissemination and marketing

Because the issue of world hunger has been around for decades, it’s important to

think of fresh and modern approaches in spreading the word.

The shift to the digital age has consequently altered how we view effective communication. Due to technology’s increasing accessibility, mass communication’s role has strengthened into an even more powerful campaign device. In 2019, the WFP’s cinema ad campaign for “Feed Our Future” generated a 40% growth in brand awareness in North America.

This has led to a booming demand for tech savvy experts and graduates of

such as web design and social media campaign management that can be

used to advocate for local initiatives. It's easy for campaigns to get lost in the

crowded digital landscape — more so with the expected 3.6 times increase of

average devices per capita. But with effective communication strategies, the

digital sphere is merely a waiting opportunity.

Creative solutions

The solution to world hunger remains systemic and, as explained earlier, is a

result of neglect in our agricultural system. However, even if we do not rely on

improved efficiency or reduced waste, we would still be capable of producing 500

million tons of food annually.

How? We should try to restore the 2.2 billion acres of degraded and abandoned

when fully optimized, can even lessen the mowing down of new primary forests.

We’ve already seen successful efforts, such as The Meadowland in New York,

which progressed from a waste landfill to a thriving hub for nature.

No one said that successful campaigning would be easy, more so when we’re

attempting to tackle a decades-long crisis. However, change is possible. Start the

initiative by finding solidarity in your community, get to thinking creatively, and

we'll be a little closer to eradicating world hunger once and for all.

Article contributed by Raine Jacobson

Exclusively for Open Door Ministries

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