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Starting Fresh

Spring is a season of blooming and fresh starts. We hope that this spring is the beginning of a new start and a chance for life to start feeling hopeful as we move forward in our “new normal.” With thoughts of hope in full bloom, the clients of Open Door Ministries have gotten the chance to embrace change and a new start this spring. This year we continued to face challenges, and still some unknown in the face of when the pandemic will finally end. While our clients face change and challenge, we hope you will join us in walking alongside them as they start fresh and begin new journeys.

One of our clients, Terry, was given a fresh start last spring as he got out of prison in April 2021. He came to Open Door Ministries optimistic and determined to start a new life. Within a few days of becoming a resident of the Arthur Cassell Transitional Housing Program for Veterans he successfully gained employment with Amazon. What started out as a temporary job soon turned into a permanent position by the end of May. Once Terry achieved one goal, he then set two more. Those goals were to buy a car and get a new home. The hope and support that Open Door provided, encouraged him to keep moving forward.

While employed, Terry worked towards getting his driver’s license back and received his full license and driving privileges by July. In three short months Terry’s life was turning around fast. By the end of July, he had purchased a car for himself, and he was diligently working on his housing plan. In September, Terry informed staff that he was working toward buying his own house. Thanks to his hard work Terry was promoted at Amazon to another position and started the process of buying a house. Terry worked hard at Amazon, to achieve all the goals that he had in place. By February, Terry had found a house and put an offer in. In March 2022, the offer was accepted!

From prison and hopelessness to a new job, home, and car in a year’s time. Thanks to hard work and dedication Terry achieved all his goals. Open Door Ministries exist to give second chances to many men just like Terry.

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